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The gunning manipulator type PNEUTOP has been designed for the repair of the EAF.

It can be used where due to a lack of space no conventional gunning robot can be installed near to the EAF.

The gunning installation consists of a gunning manipulator type PNEUTOP and a feeding gunning machine. The manipulator is lifted by means of the hall crane out of its parking frame and lowered at open furnace roof into the middle of the furnace. It is balanced and stabilised by weights. As drive robust compressed air motors are used. The gunning head is insulated with ceramic fibres and cooled by compressed air. The gunning lance allows a rotation of +/- 190° and a lifting of +/- 45°. Gunning capacities of 100 - 150 kg/min. can be achieved. The complete gunning installation can be operated by single person by means of a radio remote control.

Due to its compact and space saving design and easy handling this gunning manipulator offers a cost efficient and effective alternative to the conventional fixed gunning manipulators. Compared with the manual gunning higher gunning capacities and consequently lower gunning times are achieved.

The new MobiGUN manipulator is based on a diesel driven, robust 4 wheel telescopic handler with hydraulic boom and electro-mechanic gunning head. Formerly it was only possible to repair a single aggregate as the gunning robot had to be fix installed near to the furnace.

MobiGUN can be used for all furnaces, as it is self-moving or transportable by crane. It must only be connected by hoses with the water net and a material supply hose.

Once the MobiGUN is placed in front of the furnace to be repaired and the boom is positioned from the top, the operator leaves the cab and carries out the repair work be means of a radio remote control. The gunning head is turnable 360° and can be lowered/lifted 90°.

Due to the dimension of the boom all areas, even of biggest furnaces, can be gunned. Hence, MobiGUN is a cost-saving allrounder.

Steel desulphurization system set into operation
Recently VELCO installed a desulphurization installation at the ladle furnace of a carbon steel producer in the southwest of Turkey.
The customer has initial sulphur contents up to 500 ppm which shall be reduced to 50-100 ppm. For this purpose VELCO designed an installation for the depth injection of lime fines and CaSi.
The injection material is supplied either by silo-truck or in BIG BAGs and stored in a 25 qm silo. An injection machine type UNIDOS 2,5 is placed under this silo which transports the desulphurization material over a distance of approx. 30 m to the injection manipulator type LMI that is placed at the ladle furnace. For injection the manipulator is turned through 50º. The desulphurization agent is injected via a monolithic lance which is dipped into the melt for approx. 3,0 m. The exchange of the lances is done in parking position of the manipulator. The lance clamping is effected hydraulically. The machine is operation with a vessel pressure of approx. 5 bars. Capacities of 60-100 kg/min. are achieved.
The movements of the lance manipulator are frequency inverter controlled and monitored by encoders and limit switches.
An amount of 400 - 800 kg desulphurization agent is injected for a charge weight of 130 - 150 t. The depth injection is quicker and more efficient than the wire feeding.
The installation is controlled and visualized from the furnace control station.
The set values as well as the conveying rate to be injected are preset and recorded by the furnace control.

No. 30 RH gunning robot set into operation
At a newly built integrated steel plant in Brazil VELCO set a new RH gunning robot into operation, now summing up to 30 units worldwide.

This unit has two gunning lances. So while one RH snorkel is repaired outside the other can be repaired inside. As The robot is fed from 2 pressure vessel gunning machines different gunning materials for inside and outside gunning can be used. The operator can select, either between automated sequences or can use the joysticks of a radio remote control for manual repair.

For the inspection and documentation of the inner snorkel wear profil Velco offers a water cooled camera system which can be combined with the gunning robot. Using the inspection video the operator can mark specific areas which then will be automatically repaired.

When VELCO was established by Kurt Wolf in 1971 also the first rotor gunning machine of type Rotamat was launched. From that time on this machine type stands for an unique success story which now -in March 2010- is crowned by the sale of the thousandth Rotamat.

The company's location in Velbert, at the border of the Ruhr industrial area, was formerly an important centre of the foundry industry and thus it suggested itself to furnish these companies with a gunning machine for the refractory repair of their cupola furnaces. The simple but safe handling of the machine, its robustness and moreover the continuing improvements of the machine, based on the experiences with our customers at site, made it to a product that today is used in foundries, steel plants, refractory and cement industry, in civil construction, mining and power plants.

For the treatment of modern gunning compounds with low cement content the approved Rotamat gunning machine has been completed by the GUNMIX® moistening system. By this patented system the water is dispersed into fog what serves for an optimal moistening, even of the finest particles. Due to the homogenous mixing the gunning compound can be applied with nearly no dust emission and very low rebound. Furthermore the requested water share can be reduced what results in an improved durability of the applied gunning material.

Hence the well-tried machine technique and the innovative gunning technology built a symbiosis, however it is subject to continuous improvement in order to secure state of the art in future, too.

We like to express our sincere thanks to our long-standing customers for their confidence! Surely this remarkable number of sold machines will also inspire prospective clients to choose VELCO as supplier for reliable and innovative machine technique.

Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH (HKM)
The company Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH (HKM) in Duisburg-Huckingen/Germany use an injection installation of Messrs. VELCO Gesellschaft für Förder-, Spritz- und Silo-Anlagen mbH, Velbert/Germany at their blast furnace B. The installation has been designed for the injection of fine grained solids as for instance Rutilit and carbon dust which are injected through the blast furnace tuyeres. Rutilit is a synthetic titanium oxide carrier. By the specific injection at selected tuyeres the temperature can be reduced in the blast furnace hearth at local hot spots.

The chosen titanium dioxide carriers do principally consist of titanium dioxide and iron oxide that are coexisting in mineralogical advantageous oxidic phase. The free titanium dioxide will be reduced to titanium in the blast furnace by carbon or silicium. In the liquid iron the metallic titanium together with that in the pig iron soluted carbon and nitrogen form titanium nitrides and titanium carbon nitrides - high temperature resistant compounds that will settle at the inner refractory lining of the blast furnace. There it will result in a rapid growth of a protective layer. This protective layer shall protect the hot spots in the furnace to achieve projected lining points. Hot spots in the furnace will be located by thermal elements being installed around the furnace and then Rutilit sand will be injected via the above positioned tuyeres during the slag tap time. The injection process will be stopped when a "normal" temperature has been achieved. If Rutilit is not required, the installation can be used for the injection of carbon fines as cost-saving substitution of heavy fuel. About 4500 t of carbon has been injected in total from October 2008 - März 2009.

The installation consists of a storage silo with a volume of 90 m³ that will be filled by silo trucks. The injection dispenser has two outlets that are connected with the lance in the tuyere by a conveying line of 70 m. The injection capacity is approx. 40 kg/min. per line.

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New camera system for RH gunning manipulators
- longer period of use of the snorkels and the vessel of an RH vacuum treatment installation
- early detection of zones in need of repair inside the snorkels and the vessel
- documentation of all camera inspections with date and time as digital medium
- suitable for all VELCO gunning manipulators model TR already installed as simple retrofitting unit

By means of the new VELCO camera system for gunning manipulators of the model TR it is now possible to inspect, document and to repair specifically the worn points of the complete inner surface of the snorkels and the lower part of the vessel.

The camera system is provided with a PLC coupling to the manipulator control. This coupling allows a storage of snorkel sections during the camera movement by only one keypress. Afterwards the stored section can be automatically repaired by the gunning manipulator.

A digital video recorder is used for the documentation, that makes possible to archive the camera inspections with date and time and to export it as a data file.

The VELCO camera system will be mounted instead of the usual gunning lance for the duration of the video inspection. Even older types of the RH gunning manipulator can be equipped with this camera system.

The camera system mainly consists of:
- a water-cooled camera lance (length will be specified by customer) wherein the camera electronics are installed
- an objective that adjusts automatically the sharpness and lens aperture for different distances and brightness values
- a digital video recorder and a colour monitor for the control station

The colour monitor has a reticule that allows the exact positioning of the manipulator and that will be shown in the recorded picture together with the gunning coordinates and the snorkel number.

The new camera system in operation since September 2008 and it has been well-proven in practice.

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10th EAF Gunning Manipulator supplied
VELCO just has got the purchase order from a Czech special steel producer for the supply of a gunning manipulator for the repair of their electric arc furnace. This is now the 10th manipulator which is built in recent years. The manipulator type METOP is equipped with the new, patented GUNMIX® moistening system, which effects an improvement of the gunning quality.

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Gunning manipulator for converter
VELCO has set into operation a gunning manipulator for the converter in an integrated metallurgical plant in Spain. The gunning robot type KSM 56 consists of a telescopic gunning lance that is mounted on a chassis frame with electric drive. On the chassis are moreover installed a water pump and a regulation valve for the remote-controlled adjustment of the gunning water amount.

The repair time will be shortened by using a gunning manipulator due to a higher gunning capacity as it can be realized by the manual gunning. The working conditions for the gunning staff will be considerably improved, too.

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Dust injection in cold blast cupola furnace

Do you know that it is possible to inject dusts into the melting area of the cold blast cupola furnace?
The practical experience has demonstrated that the cupola furnace is able to melt various dusts. In the past mainly dust has been injected via the tuyères. Nowadays we achieve a higher dust input by separate nozzles, which work independently from the general tuyère of the cupola furnace. Many of our customers are looking for possibilities to inject fine-grained material to raise for example the carbon content in the iron, to depollute filter dusts, to melt on residual material, to inject alloys or to substitute even coke by carbon fines.
A research project of the German Foundry Institute is engaged with the injection technology and the influence on the iron and slag quality as well as the exhaust gas.
As all these values gave positive results, there is no obstacle to inject the a.m. dusts officially.
The injection is mainly done in the melting area, as there are the highest temperatures so that the injected products can be quickly converted. This new possibility of an additional nozzle enables the user of a cupola furnace to inject bigger quantities without any problems in the furnace process.

For this purpose VELCO offers the following features: Your partner in our plant is Mr. Kurt Wolf, Tel: +49 (0) 2051 2087 -10

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New Gunning Robot at Edelstahlwerke Südwestfahlen
A gunning installation for the refractory repair has been installed at Edelstahlwerke Südwestfalen GmbH in Siegen (formerly Krupp Edelstahlprofile) in this year's April.
The installation consists of a gunning manipulator and 3 pressure vessel gunning machines with mechanical dosing system. One gunning machine processes hearth mass, another one tap hole mass and the third one wall material. The latter has two outlets, one for the manipulator and one for the hand lance. The supply of the machines with gunning material is done automatically via a bunker installed above them. Each machine is equipped with weighing system for an exact determination of the consumed quantities.

An operation panel MP 370 with 15' colour display for the fully or semiautomatical operating procedure is installed in the furnace station. On this operation panel the operator can select the zones that should be repaired automatically. By means of a radio remote control the operator has moreover the possibility to operate the manipulator and the gunning machine at the place of work. As special feature the manipulator is so designed that there is no hose- and cable guidance on the furnace platform.

The gunning installation is further provided with the GUNMIX® moistening system that allows a better moistening of the gunning material and to apply it with less water. The equipment has been installed to shorten the refractory- and repair times and to reduce the personnels' burden during works at the hot furnace.

The complete installation has been designed, mounted and set into operation by VELCO GmbH, Velbert.

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Dust Reduction at Dry-Gunning Works
Due to the big dust emission in the collieries, the cost-saving and low-maintenance dry gunning has been displaced more and more by the wet gunning during the past years.

When using our new GUNMIX® Moistening System (European Patent No. 1153861) the underground mining can benefit from the manifold advantages of the dry-gunning and avoid the considerable efforts for the use of the wet gunning systems.

Our internationally well-proven dry gunning machines have been adapted to the special demands of the mineral coal mining with regard to explosion-proof and an outmost robust construction and are working nearly free of dust when dry gunning. Thus the complex efforts for the wet-gunning systems can be already saved for smaller applicatons.

Our gunning machine type Rotamat ut is used by Deutsche Steinkohle AG and listed in their product numbers.

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Start up of new EAF gunning robot at EQS
Ellwood Quality Steel Co. in Newcastle/PA has put the new EAF Gunning Robot into operation. It was supplied by company VELCO GmbH in Velbert/Germany. The installation is designed for the semi automatic hot repair of the 53t EAF. It consist of the gunning robot METOP and two gunning machines type EKS-K , which are equipped with a mechanical dosing system, this guarantees an even material flow. Gunning capacities up to 200 kg/min can be reached with low rebound. The furnace down time for refractory repairs is reduced significantly. Moreover the robot is used for the well aimed placement of bottom material in the furnace hearth. The installation uses Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC and radio remote control.

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Conveying and dosing installation for additives

There is an ongoing demand of the melting plants for automated installations for the addition of additives. Based on the comprehensive experiences in steel plants, VELCO now has concepted especially for the foundries a pneumatic conveying installation for the fine-dosing of additives. By this installation even small quantities of FeSi, carbon, flux for making slag etc. can be weighed, transported and recorded.

This system can be used by every foundry. It serves for the today's demands for quality assurance, environmental protection and personnel cost saving.

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The new electric arc furnace at AvestaPolarit Stainless Oy in Tornio (Finland) is repaired with the gunning robot type METOP. The gunning head is lowered into the furnace at turned-away furnace cover. The gunning lance can be brought into position by 4 degrees of freedom (rotation, lifting, swivelling, extension). Gunning capacities of 250 kg/min. can be achieved with low rebound. The customer gains from a quick repair and low refractory consumptions.


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An automatic gunning installation for the new vacuum plant was set into operation at ThyssenKrupp Stahl

The snorkels of the new vacuum plant with interchangeable vessels in the oxygen steel plant Beeckerwerth of ThyssenKrupp Stahl AG in Duisburg/Germany are maintained with gunning material of the company Sievering, Hamm, and a gunning installation made by VELCO GmbH, Velbert.

Different materials for the inside and outside gunning are processed by that gunning installation. It consists of two silos with a content of each 30 m³ and two gunning machines model EKS-K 1,5 with mechanical dosing system.

The vacuum installation with interchangeable vessels has two repair positions. At each position a service car equipped with the VELCO gunning manipulator is placed. The gunning manipulator model TR is fitted with one lance each for the inside and outside repair. In order to reduce the service period it is possible to operate both lances simultaneously.

This installation has been equipped with the new VELCO GUNMIX® moistening system that requires less gunning water and reduces the dust development and rebound considerably.

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GUNMIX®: The Revolution in gunning technology

GUNMIX®-system is a new technology developed by VELCO. This system allows for example to process all dry gunning materials nearly dust-free and with only low rebound. Even low cement material which must be worked with a humidity content of 3% - 6 % can be processed without problems by means of this system.
This system offers considerably better working conditions for the gunning staff.

Click here for further information.

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Gunning manipulator METOP for the hot repair of electric arc furnaces set into operation

gunning installation for the hot repair of the 35 t EAF

gunning manipulator METOP
At Krupp VDM GmbH (Unna, Deutschland) Messrs. VELCO has set into operation a new gunning installation for the hot repair of the 35 t EAF.

Krupp VDM produces special steels and they have therefore very high tapping temperatures.

For this purpose VELCO supplied a gunning installation, which consists of a gunning machine model EKS-K 1,5 and the gunning manipulator METOP. The gunning manipulator METOP consists of a rotating gunning lance, which is mounted to a lifting column. The furnace cover is swivelled away for the repair and the manipulator is turned from the parking position into the middle of the furnace. The SPS control allows several gunning programs, e.g. an automatical gunning repair of the slag zone and also the manually controlled spot repair. The manipulator has been equipped with special cooling systems, in order to comply with the high radiation heat during the gunning. The gunning machine is equipped with a mechanical dosing system for an even material flow. The consumption quantities are collected by a weighing system and transmitted to the furnace control.

For the customer the advantages of the use of this modern gunning installation are:

  • more human working conditions for the furnace staff

  • saving of labour costs by one-man operation

  • saving of costs for refractory material (low rebound, well-aimed gunning repair)

  • increased productivity by reduction of the repair time from 15 to 7 minutes
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    Setting into operation of the new steel desulphurization plant at VA Stahl Linz

    At VA Stahl Linz GmbH, Linz/Austria, a new ladle furnce has been set into operation on occasion of the optimization of the liquid phase at the plant LD 3. The injection installation for the desulphurization of the steel and for the exact alloying of carbon has been supplied by Messrs. VELCO Gesellschaft für Förder-, Spritz- und Silo-Anlagen mbH, Velbert/Germany. It consists of two dispensers type UNIDOS and three silos for the materials carbon dust, CaSi, CaC2. The UNIDOS is equipped with a patented, new kind of discharge system which creates a homogeneous and fine dispersed material flow at a minimum quantity of conveying gas. Thus, especially at the desulphurization a high reaction of the desulphurization agent is achieved. The injection materials are injected with 20–40 kg/min. through a monolithic lance. The installation has been designed in conformity with the prescriptions of safety and explosion-proof.
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    Succesful start up of dust injection into EAF

    At Ugine Savoie (Group Usinor, France) a producer of stainless steel products an injection system for filter dusts has been successfully set into operation. A mixture of carbon- and filter dust is injected into EAF using a VELCO injection machine typ EKS-K and a lance manipulator.
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    Report about the injection of ore fines and titanium carriers
    into the blast furnace of Voest-Alpine Stahl, Linz.