Concrete gunning

Gunning concrete is used in the construction industry for years. Typical kinds of application are the reinforcement of concrete constructions, lining of tunnels and galleries, bridge-refurbishment, but also gardening and landscaping works.

The dry gunning technique is often used for this purpose. Compared with the wet gunning technique this machine system is easier to handle and clean and is more suitable for low capacities (concrete refurbishment).

State-of-the-art is the processing of factory-mixed dry building materials (DIN 18551). Here, it is distinguished between gunning mortar and gunning concrete. Depending on the scope of work components as for instance micro-silica, accelerating admixture or plastics (SPCC) are added. An even conveyance of the gunning material and a homogenous moistening are essential for a high-quality repair.

A technology designed by Velco is the GUNMIX® moistening system that allows for instance the processing of all dry gunning materials nearly dust-free and with low rebound.

Further information about the GUNMIX ® system