Rotamat tb

The gunning machine has been especially designed for a simple processing of all listed dry materials for concrete refurbishment and it is successfully used on numerous sites for many years. 

Particularly the combination of the gunning machine Rotamat tb with the patented GUNMIX® moistening system increases the economic benefit of the gunning repair of concrete constructions considerably.

Die Spritzmaschine, wurde speziell für eine einfache Verarbeitung von allen gelisteten Trocken-Baustoffen in der Betonsanierung entwickelt und befindet sich seit Jahren erfolgreich auf zahlreichen Baustellen im Einsatz.
Gerade die Kombination der Spritzmaschine ROTAMAT tb mit dem patentiertem GUNMIX®-System, machen die Spritzreparatur von Betonkonstruktionen um ein vielfaches wirtschaftlicher für jedes Unternehmen.

Concrete refurbishment

Gunning machine Rotamat

The machine that has been tested and approved according to ZTV-SIB 90 is nearly perfect for the processing of SPCC mortar and has a continuously adjustable performance range of 0,25 – 4,0 m³/h.

Efficiency, economic feasibility and particularly the machine technology are based on more than 45 years of experience in the field of gunning and torkreting technique.

Our gunning machine ROTAMAT tb with corresponding equipment is tested and approved especially for the refurbishment of concrete constructions with listed SPCC products.

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