Construction industry

Concrete gunning

Gunning concrete is used in the construction industry for years. Typical kinds of application are the reinforcement of concrete constructions, lining of tunnels and galleries, bridge-refurbishment, but also gardening and landscaping works. State-of-the-art is the processing of factory-mixed dry building materials (DIN 18551). Here, it is distinguished between gunning mortar and gunning concrete. Depending on the scope of work components as for instance micro-silica, accelerating admixture or plastics (SPCC) are added. An even conveyance of the gunning material and a homogenous moistening are essential for a high-quality repair.
The patented GUNMIX® moistening system designed by VELCO improves the moistening during the gunning and reduces dust development and rebound.

Examples of use:

Less dust and rebound during dry gunning 

Company Hartmaier Bautenschutz GmbH located in Putting/Germany has applied a reinforcement for a ceiling construction in an old building using the dry gunning technique. For this purpose supporting ceiling joists and ceiling enhancements have been placed. The gunning works had been carried out in constricted rooms in the basement. By use of the Velco GUNMIX® moistening system dust development and rebound were considerably reduced.

  • Dust-free gunning of dry concretes:
    The dust-free gunning of dry concretes in tunnel construction is essential due to stringent environmental regulations by the concerned authorities. Another important factor is the reduction of the burden the operating staff is exposed to – especially during indoor dry gunning works.

dust-free gunning of a ridge

  • The dust-free gunning is essential in the field of concrete refurbishment of bridges due to stringent environmental regulations by the concerned authorities. Another important factor is the reduction of the burden the operating staff is exposed to.

Repointing of a bridge pier 

  • Dry gunning in concrete technology:

    Even the dry gunning as for instance in residential areas does not constitute a dust nuisance for the residents anymore.

only low dust development during gunning 

  • Building restoration, slope stabilisation or the repair of drinking water tanks are fields where a dust-free gunning is essential due to the stringent regulations of the environmental authorities.

repair of a drinking water tank 

  • Velco gunning machines can process both traditional gunning concretes and dry gunning materials.

only low dust development during gunning 

Building restoration

A VELCO gunning machine Rotamat with GUNMIX® moistening system has been used for the restoration of a high-rise building.
Damaged parts of the building were repaired by gunning concrete. 
The gunning machine was filled with dry material out of a small silo. Hoses of a length of up to 50m have been used. The GUNMIX® moistening system allowed an even gunning free of dust and rebound.

Application in mining industry

Our internationally well-proven dry gunning machines have been adapted to the special demands of the mineral coal mining with regard to explosion-proof and an outmost robust construction and are working nearly free of dust when dry gunning. Thus the complex efforts for the wet-gunning systems can be already saved for smaller applicatons. 

Our gunning machine type Rotamat ut is used by Deutsche Steinkohle AG and listed in their product numbers.