The injection machine EKS-K consists of a pressure vessel with a volume of 0,5 – 5,0 m³ that is filled via an automatic filling lock system. The materials discharge is effected through a mechanical dosing system. 
The latter consists of a motor-powered flow impeller that doses the injection material to the blow-off socket. This allows an even material flow even in case of difficult conveying materials such as humid carbon or filter dusts. 
Depending on the bulk material and the line’s cross section the conveying capacity can be between 2 and 200 kg/min. 

The chamber substructure can be equipped with up to 3 outlets, which allow an even conveyance at several injection points (e.g. for several blast furnace tuyeres or side lances at the EAF). A weighing system can be installed for the recording of consumption rates. 

The adjustment of the conveying capacity can either be remote controlled by regulation of the chamber pressure or by changing the speed of the flow impeller.

Substructure of chamber EKS-K

flow impeller