Genral Information

Refractory Gunning Systems


Rotamat 03

Gunning manipulators

RH Gunning manipulator
with one lance

RH Gunning manipulator
with two lances

Gunning manipulator PNEUTOP

Gunning manipulator HYTOP

Gunning manipulator MobiGUN

Camera systems
for gunning manipulators

Gunning manipulator KSM
for converter

Injection machines

Injection installation
for blast furnace

Deep injection installation
for CaSi / CaO

Injection systems

Addition of tap hole filling material (EBT)

Injection installation for conventional cupola furnaces
cold wind

Injection installation for long term cupola furnaces
hot wind


"Gunning robots improve repairs"

"Reduction of EAF dust emissions by injecting it into the furnace"

"Zinc and Iron Recovery from Filter Dust by Melt Bath Injection into an Induction Furnace"

source: World of Metallurgy – ERZMETALL 69 (2016) No. 3


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