The gunning manipulator model KSM 56 consists of a telescopic gunning lance, a hydraulic station and an electrical control, which are mounted on a fork lift with diesel drive. The length of the gunning lance can between 8 and 12 m depending on the kind of application. It can be extended in two steps and rotate by +/- 180°. 

The vehicle is moved in front of the converter to be repaired. Then it is connected to the gunning machine. The movements of the gunning lance are hydraulically driven. In working position the gunning manipulator is operated via a radio control or alternatively via a cable remote control. Meanwhile the operator of the manipulator is standing behind the integrated heat protection.

Mounted on the vehicle is the tank for gunning water and pump with regulation valve for the remote adjustment of the amount of gunning water. There is a water hose drum for connection to the plant’s water net at the rear. 

The use of a converter gunning manipulator reduces the repair time, since it can realize a higher gunning capacity than the manual gunning. The working conditions for the gunning staff are also considerably improved.

Converter gunning manipulator KSM 56

gunning process