The gunning manipulator MobiGUN is a gunning manipulator for the electric arc furnace. 
Basis of this is a solid telescope fork lift with diesel drive onto which a hydraulic extension arm with electro-mechanical gunning head is mounted.

The MobiGUN can be used for all electrical arc furnaces and even for bigger ladles available in a steel plant, since it is automobile and it can be transported/lifted to other levels by a crane. 

It must only be connected to the material and water supply by means of hoses. A pressure increasing pump for water is integrated in the vehicle.

Gunning manipulator MobiGUN

The MobiGUN is driven to the furnaces to be repaired and the extension arm is placed in the furnace at opened furnace cover. Afterwards the operator leaves the driver’s cabin and carries out the gunning repair by the radio control. The gunning lances rotates by ±180° and it can be lifted resp. lowered by 90°.

The dimensions of the extension arm make it possible to reach any area even those of the biggest electric arc furnaces. Hence, the MobiGUN is a cost-saving all-rounder especially for customers having several furnaces placed side-by-side. 

MobiGUN on mill floor