Pneutop in EAF

The gunning manipulator PNEUTOP is a gunning manipulator for the electric arc furnace that is moved by means of a hall crane. It is used when a conventional gunning manipulator cannot be positioned close to the furnace. At opened furnace cover the manipulator is lifted out of the parking support and lowered into the centre of the furnace from the top. 

It is balanced and stabilised by means of weights. The gunning head is insulated with ceramic fibre and cooled with compressed air. The manipulator is equipped with compressed air drives. The gunning lance can rotate by +/- 190° and be lifted by ± 45°. Gunning capacities from 100 - 150 kg/min. are possible. 

The operator can control the motions of the gunning lance and the start of gunning machine by a radio control, the amount of gunning water can be adjusted by a regulation valve. 

The scope of supply comprises a support frame to set the manipulator in parking position.

gunning repair of EAF by Pneutop

Pneutop in parking position

radio control for operation of the Pneutop with associated gunning machine