Camera system for RH Gunning manipulator

  • longer period of use of the snorkels and the vessel of an RH vacuum treatment installation
  • early detection of zones in need of repair inside the snorkels and the vessel 
  • documentation of all camera inspections with date and time as digital medium
  • suitable for all VELCO gunning manipulators model TR already installed as simple retrofitting unit

By means of the new VELCO camera system for gunning manipulators of the model TR it is now possible to inspect, document and to repair specifically the worn points of the complete inner surface of the snorkels and the lower part of the vessel. 

The camera system is provided with a PLC coupling to the manipulator control. This coupling allows a storage of snorkel sections during the camera movement by only one keypress. Afterwards the stored section can be automatically repaired by the gunning manipulator. 

A digital video recorder is used for the documentation, that makes possible to archive the camera inspections with date and time and to export it as a data file. 

The VELCO camera system will be mounted instead of the usual gunning lance for the duration of the video inspection. Even older types of the RH gunning manipulator can be equipped with this camera system.

The camera system mainly consists of:

  • a water-cooled camera lance (length will be specified by customer) wherein the camera electronics are installed
  • an objective that adjusts automatically the sharpness and lens aperture fordifferent distances and brightness values
  • a digital video recorder and a colour monitor for the control station 

The colour monitor has a reticule that allows the exact positioning of the manipulator and that will be shown in the recorded picture together with the gunning coordinates and the snorkel number. 

The new camera system in operation since September 2008 and it has been well-proven in practice.