Bayerns größtes Recyclingunternehmen setzt auf Technik aus dem Hause VELCO

Bild: Lech-Stahlwerke GmbH

Lech-Stahlwerke (LSW) in Meitingen near Augsburg has commissioned a new pneumatic conveying system for EBT sand. The tapping sand for the electric arc furnace is no longer carried by hand in buckets to the tapping point (EBT) but conveyed pneumatically. The operator selects the quantity to be conveyed by pressing a button, and this is automatically conveyed by the plant. The new process reduces both the workload and the risk of accidents, thus making an important contribution to occupational safety.

The system consists of a bunker for storing up to 3m³ of EBT sand and a pneumatic transmitter which conveys the sand to the tapping point at a low conveying speed and thus with little wear.

The conveying quantity is recorded by the weighing electronics and transmitted to the control system.

„We are very pleased that Lech-Stahlwerke is relying on our solution and that the installation of our system will further improve occupational safety in the production of green steel in Bavaria,“ says Christian Wolf, Managing Director of Velco GmbH.