Company’s History


50th anniversary

Kurt & Christian Wolf would like to thank all our customers for 50 years of loyalty.


New Building

New building of hall 3 with office space.


Change of Leadership

Since May 2006 the company is managed in second generation by his on Christian Wolf.


First EAF Gunning Manipulator

Velco’s first gunning manipulator for EAF was supplied in 1995 to company Feng Hsin in Taiwan. The telescopic gunning head is moved via a hydraulic cylinder. When the furnace cover is open, the gunning head is lowered into the furnace from the top. The entire furnace can be gunned with the rotating gunning lance. This effects a faster and safer gunning repair.


First mobile Ladle Gunning Trolley

Battery-driven electric trolley with rotating tower for the gunning lance. Gunning of the ladle via cable remote control.


Carbon Injection Installation

Carbon injection installation for the foaming slag process at BSW Badische Stahlwerke , Kehl/Germany
2 dispernsers per electric arc furnace.


New Company Building

Move into the new company building with production hall at Haberstr. 40 in Velbert/Germany.


Carbon Injection Installation

Start-up of a carbon injection installation at the Electric Arc Furnace of Krupp Steel in Siegen-Geisweid/Germany.


Dry Gunning

Various dry gunning applications in metallurgical and construction industry.
Support of a quay wall, garden pond, blast furnace channel.


Gunning machine Type EKS

Construction of the first vessel gunning machine type EKS

The gunning compound is filled into the material chamber via a bell-shaped valve, which is then closed pressure-tight. The machine has a horizontally running dosing wheel which transports the gunning compound with low-wear to the outlet.


Hydraulic Lifting Platform

Development of a hydraulic lifting platform for safe and improved gunning repair of the cupola furnace. The lifting platform is moved up and down via a hydraulic cylinder. A single employee can now repair the cupola furnace shaft without the risk of falling.


Foundation of VELCO GmbH by Mr. Kurt Wolf

VELCO Gesellschaft für Förder-, Spritz- und Silo-Anlagen mbH was founded 1971 by Kurt Wolf in Velbert/Germany.

Construction of the first dry gunning machine ROTAMAT

Trockenspritzmaschine ROTAMAT

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