Tundish / Ladle

The spraying machine MPS 5 has been designed for the wet gunning (spraying). It is often used for the tundish repair. Here the spraying material is mixed with water in a worm and then transported by a worm conveyor.
The mixing and pressure vessel conveying machine model MDF serves for the mixing and conveying of thixothrope materials which are for instance used for the basing lining of tundishes and ladles. The refractory material is mixed in a pressure vessel with the exactly required amount of water and afterwards it is pumped behind a template. This template is equipped with electric vibrators.

Tundish spraying MPS 5

For the maintenance of the permanent lining in tundishes

Mixing and pressure conveying machine MDF

For the processing of cast concretes in ladles, tundishes and in the refractory construction.


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