Gunning manipulators for hot repairs in the steel and metallurgical industry

Gunite machines are an indispensable aid for refractory repairs in steel plants. The greatest benefit is obtained from hot repairs to converters, ladles, or melting furnaces. As a result, production is only stopped shortly and hence less temperature is lost and less energy is required for reheating. Due to the radiant heat and the heavy hand lance, this work is a great burden for the worker and of course also a risk of accident. With the help of a gunning robot, this work is carried out faster and more precisely. Our gunite manipulators are adapted to the individual customer’s demand and are available as a stationary or mobile model. If you need smaller machines for hand spraying, you will find them in a own category. We will briefly introduce you to you the different models of gunning manipulators and their function in use. With 50 years of experience in the refractory industry, we guarantee that you can process any common gunning compound with a Velco gunite manipulator. You get more flexibility and make yourself independent of a single refractory supplier.

RH gunning manipulator

These gunite robots are mounted on a service car which drives under the RH vessel. The gunning process can run automatically or be controlled via cable or radio remote control. They are equipped with powerful electric motors, thanks to which outputs of 20 to 40 kg/min. can be achieved. The lance stroke is adapted to your specific requirements. We optionally supply a camera system for checking the RH snorkel and the bottom of the vessel. The gunning manipulators are extremely robust and designed for heavy loads. Thanks to an encapsulation, there is very good protection against all types of contamination and slag splashes. Only with a gunning manipulator can the RH snorkel can be repaired from the inside in a safe manne and thus extending the service life.

EAF gunning manipulator

The electric arc furnace (EAF) has a high degree of refractory wear in the area of the hot spots. To avoid a breakthrough, refractory material can be applied well directed onto the worn areas. The EAF gunite manipulators are ideally permanently installed nearby to  of the furnace on the furnace platform. The Velco gunning manipulators are designed for the rough operation in the steelworks. They carry out quick and efficient (hot) repairs on electric arc furnaces. The gunning repair takes place without endangering the worker. The METOP and HYTOP models achieve gunite rates of up to 150 or 250 kg/min. The gunning head is lowered into the furnace from the top. The lance rotates 360 degrees (optionally also endlessly). We adapt the length of the gunning arm to the local conditions. The gunning head is thermally insulated with ceramic fibers and is cooled with compressed air. The boom of the METOP is lifted mechanically, the one of the HYTOP hydraulically.If you cannot install a gunite manipulator next to the furnace for reasons of space or you have two furnaces on the same furnace platform? Check whether a mobile gunite manipulator is suitable for you. With MobiGUN we offer you an innovative alternative with an electro-mechanical gunning head. The entire machine is built on a robust, diesel driven telescopic handler. It drives itself in front of the furnace. The gunning head is moved into the furnace via a telescopic arm. The gunning manipulator PNEUTOP is lifted by a hall crane and lowered into the furnace from the top. The PNEUTOP gunite manipulator can be installed at practically any furnace.

Converter gunning manipulator

Our mobile concrete gunite robot KSM 56 is based on a forklift truck with diesel drive and has a telescopic gunning system including a hydraulic station. The gunning lance is adapted to the local situation with a length of 8 to 12 meters. Drive the device directly in front of the converter to be repaired and connect the hoses of the gunning matching. The entire repair process is very quick and gentle for the operating personnel, who are behind a heat shield. The hose drum for connection to the water network is located at the rear of the manipulator. The gunning lance can be rotated up to 180 degrees in any direction during use.

Ladle gunning manipulator

For the ladle gunning manipulators you can choose between a fixed or a mobile model. You can use them to repair steel ladles, save heating energy thanks to the hot repair and have to keep fewer ladles in circulation. There are models for gunning laying as well as standing ladles. If several gunning areas are available, a mobile device with its own, battery-operated electric drive is ideal. The gunite trolley is then driven to the appropriate tilting device with its own drive.

Efficient repair with gunning manipulators from Velco

With our gunite robots, you can process gunning materials much faster, safer and gentle for your employees.  Furthermore, the production process of the furnaces and aggregates concerned is less restricted by our efficient gunite manipulators and you receive greater production reliability.In addition to our specialized gunning manipulators, we also offer accessories such as camera systems for monitoring and documenting gunite repairs and newly developed methods such as GUNMIX®. This is an improvement in dry gunning through humidification with compressed air and water mist.

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