Remote Access Module


The control cabinets of all VELCO machine can optionally be equipped with a remote access module which allows to call worldwide for machine data, e.g. operation hours, flow rates, water pressure, operational condition, fault messages and even the location of the machine. The access is given through a cloud provided by VELCO. For the machine only a country-specific SIM-card at the place of use is needed to get access to the above display -simply with a smartphone, table or PC.


  • Information about machine status and operation hours
  • quick fault diagnosis by the support staff
  • cost-effective – as only small data volumes are exchanged
  • no interference of the company network (data protection)
Fernabfragemodul - Drehzahl
number of revolutions
Fernabfragemodul - Position der Maschine
Position of the machine
Fernabfragemodul - Signalstärke
Signal strength
Fernabfragemodul - Status
Status der Maschine
Fernabfragemodul - Wasserdruck
Water pressure of the machine
Fernabfragemodul - Fehler
Faults of the machine