Gunning manipulator MobiGUN

The new MobiGUN manipulator is based on a diesel driven, robust 4 wheel telescopic handler with hydraulic boom and electro-mechanic gunning head. Formerly it was only possible to repair a single aggregate as the gunning robot had to be fix installed near to the furnace. 

MobiGUN can be used for all furnaces, as it is self-moving or transportable by crane. It must only be connected by hoses with the water net and a material supply hose. 

Once the MobiGUN is placed in front of the furnace to be repaired and the boom is positioned from the top, the operator leaves the cab and carries out the repair work be means of a radio remote control. The gunning head is turnable 360° and can be lowered/lifted 90°. 

Due to the dimension of the boom all areas, even of biggest furnaces, can be gunned. Hence, MobiGUN is a cost-saving allrounder.

Spritzmanipulator MobiGUN
Spritzmanipulator MobiGUN