Gunning manipulator PNEUTOP

The gunning manipulator type PNEUTOP has been designed for the repair of the EAF. 

It can be used where due to a lack of space no conventional gunning robot can be installed near to the EAF. 

The gunning installation consists of a gunning manipulator type PNEUTOP and a feeding gunning machine. The manipulator is lifted by means of the hall crane out of its parking frame and lowered at open furnace roof into the middle of the furnace. It is balanced and stabilised by weights. As drive robust compressed air motors are used.

The gunning head is insulated with ceramic fibres and cooled by compressed air. The gunning lance allows a rotation of +/- 190° and a lifting of +/- 45°. Gunning capacities of 100 – 150 kg/min. can be achieved. The complete gunning installation can be operated by single person by means of a radio remote control. 

Due to its compact and space saving design and easy handling this gunning manipulator offers a cost efficient and effective alternative to the conventional fixed gunning manipulators. Compared with the manual gunning higher gunning capacities and consequently lower gunning times are achieved.

Spritzmanipulator Pneutop im Gestell
Spritzmanipulator Pneutop
Pneutop im Lichtbogenofen LBO