The gunning manipulator HYTOP serves for the gunning repair of the electric arc furnace through opened furnace cover. The manipulator is placed nearby the furnace, lifted by a hydraulic cylinder and moved into the furnace from the top. 
The length of the extension arm is adapted to the conditions at site; usual lengths are 8-11 m. The gunning lance can rotate endless by 360° and lifted by 90°. The gunning head is insulated by ceramic fibre and cooled by compressed air. 
Gunning capacities of up to 250 kg/min. are possible. 

The scope of supply comprises a hydraulic station, a control cabinet with graphic display for visualization, a radio control and a station with water pump and water regulating valve. 

It allows a semi-automatic gunning repair in combination with a gunning machine of the Velco delivery program. Moreover, it is possible to program pre-defined gunning sequences or to use data from a laser scanner. 

As option the extension arm can be manufactured in parallelogram design, where the gunning heard is always in vertical position independently from the lifting of the extension arm. This is of advantage when furnaces with a high shaft have to be repaired or if only limited space is available for the parking of the manipulator.

Gunning manipulator HYTOP

gunning repair of EAF

zone selection

HYTOP moving into EAF 

storing of zones